Cardiff Lexington Corporation (CDIX) Investment Strategy

Cardiff Lexington is a diversified platform providing both an “Equity Exit or Equity Capitalization Strategy” for Business Owners and a diversified investment platform for Equity Investors where the risk for all parties is mitigated through diversification.

We Are on the Rise (Alex H. Cunningham of Cardiff Lexington Corp.)

The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Cardiff Lexington Corporation (CDIX)(“the Company”), a holding company that acquires or merges with middle market companies by providing them the ability to have an infusion of equity into their business or providing them the ability to exit equity out of their company. CEO of the Company, Alex H. Cunningham, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Stock Day Media with CEO and president Alex Cunningham

Phenomenal meeting with CEO Alex Cunningham, Dr. Rollan Roberts, and Bert Seale, founder of and and former #PGA golf pro and #golf instructor. Love creating synergistic relationships, and the possibilities between golf and #hemp are extraordinary. $cdix #cannabis