“The most natural beauty in the world is honesty and moral truth.”

  • Focus on healthcare with complementary real estate.
  • Limit services to areas of experience and certain expertise.
  • Deal honestly, truthfully, and fairly in all transactions.
  • Deliver work product of the highest professional standard and maximum customer impact.
  • Operate at a reasonable profit while enjoying the work.

Cardiff Lexington sees healthcare as both a business and a profession. These two facets are, in our view, equally important. We must be successful in business to remain in the marketplace. We must be successful in our professionalism to abide by our moral code.·

The primary focus of our business is healthcare. At times, we may be tempted to stray to “greener pastures,” but we will resist because our primary commitment is to the healthcare sector.

Our services are, and will remain, in broad areas of healthcare, and complementary real estate with internal growth and through mergers and acquisitions. In our commitment to these disciplines, we will strive constantly to increase our knowledge and expertise.

The core of our management philosophy is coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring.

Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Comprehension drives performance.

We will do business in an honest and straightforward way. We will be open and above board. We will not cheat, deceive, or in any way undermine our ethics regardless of the consequences.

We will deliver the highest quality work product consistent with specific engagement requirements. We will always act and advise based upon the patient’s best interest and make information regarding cost-effective decisions available to the patient. Our duty is to maximize patient impact!