“The reason for the existence of any organization is that the members, functioning together, can achieve more than they can individually.”

Our organization must:

  • bring order to operations.
  • be simple.
  • enhance production.
  • place talent in the most effective places.
  • work for, not against, shareholder, patient, and employees’ goals.

Order is the key to the successful completion of complex business challenges. The company’s organization must encourage orderly synergistic relations between all participants. The organization must be simple, or it will be avoided or circumvented.

The organization must work for, not against production. It must be flexible enough to allow matrix groupings and rigid enough to retain clear statements of responsibilities and authorities.

The organization must allow talent to express itself. It must not confine or misdirect qualified persons.

The organization must provide career paths and recognize excellence in technical, management,  and administrative fields.